Handbook Agroalimentare Progetto ITALMED Maroc

L’Handbook, output del progetto ITALMED Maroc, illustra i trend della filiera agroalimentare in Italia ed in Marocco, la dotazione infrastrutturale nei porti di Salerno e di Livorno, nonché prospettive di nuovi collegamenti marittimi.

Handbook PCS: towards an integrated approach between Morocco and Italy

This handbook has been developed within the framework of transnational Cooperation Project ITALMED Maroc, funded by Ministero Affari Esteri and with the participation of the Livorno Port Authority as implementing body. In accordance with the project’s program and goals, this handbook highlights the main opportunities and the most relevant hindrances towards the development of integrated Port Community System Platforms. In fact, many ports across Europe and the Mediterranean have implemented PCS platforms, which offer a broad variety of services at different costs and under different regulatory frameworks: the Livorno Port Authority itself has successfully launched its own PCS platform, the Tuscan Port Community System and, according to the European Commission experts themselves, it can be considered the avant-garde of development of paperless procedures within European ports. As a consequence it is of outmost importance that ports in Europe, as well as those in the Mediterranean basin, cooperate to develop and fully exploit the synergies coming from these IT solutions, which can ensure the establishment of efficient and smooth freight corridors beyond port boundaries. ITALMED Maroc has undoubtedly contributed to the strengthening of such cooperation, through the proactive interaction of partners involved and through the analysis and the scientific evidences carried within this handbook. In the analysis provided herein, the general overview of PCS solution across Europe as well as a deeper insight into Pas roles is offered as a mean towards a full comprehension of how PCS platforms work and which are the main hindrances for their integration to be faced in coming years.