The constant evolution of the port and logistics industry   means that institutions, operators, teachers and students focus daily on the need to keep up with current changes and, at the same time, to elaborate overall response strategies aimed at promoting the development of an area, like Livorno, with a strong port-maritime vocation.

The need to develop means, therefore, that we have to  further explore the direction and contents of innovation in this sector, working with  institutions and operators in the port-logistics cluster. In this sense, the training and information activities proposed by Livorno Port Authority, represent a decisive step  in developing a virtuous pathway of  the professional  and, hence, economic growth of our area, supporting the development of specific skills at local level.

The training/collaborative platform, the Port Training Platform (PTP), represents a key innovation element for the various activities we program, in that it makes the training and innovation activities available, therefore focusing on  a series of issues to support training in the port-logistics sector.

The Platform allows e-learning to be developed through quizzes, audio-visual tools, animated images and simple readings in line with traditional training methods, so as to ensure the dissemination and consequential acquisition of specific expertise in the port-logistics sector and to enable learning to be done in an effective,  interesting way.

What are the objectives we  aim to reach?

  1. Share, disseminate and exchange information, facilitating communication between the various players
  2. Create a community in which the contents are completely accessible and  cost-free, in a simple, fast way
  3. Share best practices
  4. Facilitate learning through training/information programs
  5. Create useful , easily consultable, multimedia reference libraries